- For High ticket closers Only -
For High-Ticket Closers Who Are Ready To Bitch Slap Their Lower Self, Lock Arms With Our Incredible Family LIVE, And Accelerate Their Income To 6 Or Even 7 Figures
Nothing Will Prepare You For The Most Epic Virtual Event Of The Year...
See What You Missed At Closers In Black 2018
2019 Will Be Even Better!
(If you are not a High Ticket Closer and stumbled upon this page by accident, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. This is for High Ticket Closers' eyes only)
Dear High-Ticket Closer™,
Closers In Black™ is an event that doesn't even make sense.

The best way I can describe it is this: It's an event that transforms you.

In the past, people came to Vancouver. They experienced the event in person for 3 days. And transformation happened.

But this year, as you know, travel is not what it used to be.
So, holding the event live is not a viable option.

At First, We Were Sooo Disappointed...
Then when realized...
What an incredible opportunity we have!
You, see there were always those who couldn’t make it to Vancouver live. People who couldn’t travel for whatever reasons. People who didn’t want to leave their families. People who couldn’t get Visas…
And, for obvious reasons, this year will be even worse...
But now, as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining.
And because Closers in Black is Virtual, you can attend right from the comfort of your own home.
No travel expenses. No jet lag. No passport issues.
But you get all of the same goodness!
Could The "CIB Effect" Quadruple Your Results?
There is a weird phenomenon that happens after Closers In Black™...

Some have called it the “CIB Effect”.

In the months following CIB, closers who were at CIB started seeing strange, but massive changes...

Some doubled their closing ratio, some tripled their monthly income, and some even…

Quadrupled Their Results.

I knew that closers would leave CIB inspired and ready to take action.

I knew they would leave with deep life-long friendships.

I knew they would leave operating at their Higher Self.

But what I didn’t expect was… the flood of BOOMS that came pouring in.

In the months following CIB, it was boom after boom after boom...

First it was Abbie - who closed 2 influencers and had a BOOM in the first 2 weeks.

Then it was Jerry, who closed $5.2K during CIB.

Then it was Rafael, who closed $20K while still in Vancouver! (Imagine what Rafael could have done if he could attend virtually like you can … maybe he could have used that extra time to double those results!)

Then Emma, who got a $100K Wealth Trigger...

Then it was Vaclav, who earned a 100,000 CZK commission (about $4.5K)!

And on, and on, and on. Booms kept pouring in.

So, why does this happen? I don’t know.

Was it the proximity? No.

I’ve since learned that virtual events are every bit as powerful.

Instead, it was probably because they were jolted out of their Lower Self? Possibly.

Whatever it is…
Closers Who Attended
Closers In Black™... Even Virtually... Got Results
Closers In Black™ is reserved for High-Ticket Closers™ Only.
After you close your laptop on Closers In Black™...

You will experience a whole new level of confidence, motivation, and belief.

And this is not an event where you can pay to get in... 

Even if someone wanted to pay $2,000, $5,000, or even $10,000 to attend the Closers In Black™…

They would be turned down. Because at Closers In Black™, there will be... 
No Outsiders Allowed
Every Closers In Black™ guest will be a fellow HTC Brother or Sister...

Who have gone through the same 7-week or 15-week HTC transformation you went through. 
That’s why Closers In Black™ is so powerful.

Because you’ll be surrounded with people who want to grow and see YOU grow as well.
The atmosphere and energy is always simply breathtaking, and I have no doubt it will be just as good online.

One of my Team Dan Lok members even told me...
“Dan, I felt like I was high and walking on air the entire three days”.
So if you could only attend one virtual event this year, be sure that it’s Closers In Black™.
Closers In Black™ Members Share Their Experience Below...
Zihong Lee
“With HTC I’ve realised that efficiency is a super big thing and the way I spend my time is really important...Everything that’s inside HTC, especially the philosophy and the mindset change, really elevates me to a whole new ‘working mode’.”
Naomi Hirst
“I suddenly became aware of who I am and that I could believe in myself. If I decide that I’m gonna do it - I can do it...And through HTC with Sifu I found myself and that is something I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life.”
Ron Ung
“I felt I wasn’t worthy enough, that I was inferior, that I should just stay in my lane...but being unleashed to my true potential...I wouldn’t have been able to do without Sifu Dan Lok.”
Ariana Klugiewicz
“When I found HTC, it was like a breath of fresh air...HTC literally saved my life!"
Sukhdev Sethi
“I discovered myself. It’s not about me, it’s about everybody around me...And because of HTC, I’ve closed over a million dollars in sales in the last 12 months.”
Timur Jumanov
“I’ve finally found the family that is actually not dragging me down, it’s actually the family that is picking me up. It’s a joy...I’m flying on the clouds.”
Joel Saffel
“I’ve grown so much more in so many more ways than I knew that I could. Not only in business but more importantly in our relationship and in life — and as a person.”
Samuel Moore
“I would say that HTC is a big portion of why I got my life back…"
Kahkshan Ali
“The mindset that we learn in HTC allowed me to move forward and find something else to really go after that I’ve been wanting to do for a while...there are just so many incredible benefits, you can’t really make a list of them."
Ralitsa Ivanova
“CIB is something I’ve really really enjoyed so far. It’s like meeting a family. It’s like hugging everybody and being so close to Sifu is really amazing...I feel honoured to be here."
Subin Wang
“With HTC, I was able to find my dreams and become the person I wanted to be"
Kimberly Semiglia
“The best way to describe HTC has been a ‘fast-track accelerator on how to be social’."
Closers In Black™ 2021 is the Oscars of High-Ticket Closing™
Every High-Ticket Closer™ who is serious about becoming the best version of themselves will be at Closers In Black™. 

I guarantee you..
every High-Ticket Closer™ who is making
6-figures and beyond Will Be In Attendance...
In fact, a couple 7-Figure High-Ticket Closers™ have already reserved their seats.

This is the ultimate gathering for the most elite closers.

Quite frankly...
if you miss this event then you’re missing out on THE BIGGEST BENEFIT of being a High-Ticket Closer™...
If you haven’t reserved your seat at Closers In Black™ yet, make it a priority.

It’s the most important action step for you to take as a High-Ticket Closer™.
Now I Got Some Bad News And Some Good News...
The good news is...

We have even more amazing plans in store for you at Closers In Black™ 2021.

There will be more entertainment...

More awards to be won...

More chances to connect with Sifu live...
And, Even Though it's Virtual, There Will Be Only 1,300 Closers Who Are Will Be Accepted...
What’s more is we have even cooler and fun activities planned for you. 

And you’re going to win awards and receive deserved recognition for all your accomplishments!

We’re giving out even MORE awards this year for all the closers out there kicking ass!
Last year, we gave 200+ awards to High-Ticket Closers™ who closed $10K or more (many closed $100K+) - who walked across the stage and shone in the spotlight in front of all their HTC Brothers and Sisters.

This Year, We’re Expecting To Be Giving Recognition And Respect To 500+ High-Ticket Closers™
You could very well be one of them.  
The Bad News…
Yes, this year the event is virtual. But we are still limiting attendance to ensure everyone has a great experience.

And we will be at max capacity this year.

Only 1,300 closers will be accepted to CIB 2021.
This means, after we reach a certain amount of guests...
We will have to start turning people away...EVEN If They Are Part Of HTC.
So if you want to secure your Virtual seat, I suggest reserving it sooner rather than later. 
Remember, this is for serious High-Ticket Closers™ who want to accelerate their success and transform their lives.

If that’s not you, you can stop reading here.

But if you’re ready for this life-changing experience...
Here’s Why Your Life Will Never Be the Same After You Attend Closers In Black™
You’re Going To Get Live Training From Me, Sifu Dan Lok, And We’re Going To Get To Know Each Other On A More Personal Level
At Closers In Black™, I’ve prepared for you a set of never-before-revealed money-making strategies as a  High-Ticket Closer™. 

And with these advanced High-Ticket Closing secrets, you’ll be able to make money as a High-Ticket Closer™ in ways you never thought possible.
And yes, Desmond and your co-instructors will be doing part of the training at the event too. 

Together, we’re giving you whole new strategies on closing...


And leadership...

All vital skills to be able to command 6-figure and 7-figure incomes.

If You Thought Your Training On Weekly Classes Were Good, You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet! 
Here’s Why The Closers In Black™ Will Be A Whole New Experience For You...
It’s one thing to learn from our weekly calls...

It’s a whole other experience to be in a virtual room full of high-energy, High-Ticket Closers™ and when you’re training with me from morning to night…
For 3-days straight. 
When you’re with me for 3-days straight, you naturally go through a much deeper, and more permanent transformation... 

And this is the type of lasting transformation you CANNOT get by going through your High-Ticket Closer journey alone.
You’ll Get The Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Meet Sifu’s Mentor - Mr. Dan Pena a.k.a The $50-Billion-Dollar Man
When I was in my early 20s, I bought a used book on eBay for $400 USD. The plan was to read it and then to get a refund after. 
Never did I think the book would change my life.
After I read it, not only did I not return the book, I was also paying $20,000 dollars to meet the author Mr. Dan Peña - my second mentor - at his castle.

But if you’re on this page, you probably know Dan Peña. 

If you like his videos online, you will be blown away by seeing him teach in person. He will spark something in you and motivate you unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
You’ll Get The Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Meet Sifu’s Mentor - Mr. Dan Pena a.k.a The $50-Billion-Dollar Man
When I was in my early 20s, I bought a used book on eBay for $400 USD. The plan was to read it then to get a refund after. 
Never did I think the book would change my life.
After I read it, not only did I not return the book. Shortly after, but I was also paying $20,000 dollars to meet the author Mr. Dan Pena - my second mentor - at his castle.

But if you’re on this page, you probably know Mr. Pena. 

If you like his videos online, you will be blown away by seeing him teach in person. He will spark something in you and motivate you unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Here’s a powerful video from Mr. Pena sharing why you CANNOT miss Closers In Black™:
You heard Mr. Pena.

Don’t miss out on this. 

Chances are this is the first - and also the last time Mr. Pena will ever be at Closers In Black™.
You Will Take Part In The Most Anticipated Closers Awards Show... The Best Of The Best Closers Win Plaques, Awards, And Trophies!
If you’re like most High Ticket Closers, you’ve been working hard. 

And because you’ve been working hard, you deserve to be recognized.

That’s why we’ve created the several awards for you.

NOTE: Even though this event is virtual, all of the awards are PHYSICAL. They will be shipped to you immediately after the event concludes
You have a chance to win...
  • ​$100K Closer Awards
These are awards given to Closers who have closed $100K or more worth in deals.

Last year, we had a long lineup of award winners - so many that we went way over time on schedule.
That’s why this year we will be starting at $100K closed in sales. To make sure you get the proper recognition and that we still have a smooth CIB experience.
we’re Expecting to be giving recognition and respect to 500+ High-Ticket Closers
You could very well be one of them.

Here were all the winners from Closers In Black 2019, you may recognize a few from the HTC community:
  •  Aaron Civitarese 
  •  Adam McClary
  •  Alex Diep 
  •  Andres Garcia 
  •  Andy Trinh 
  •  Ashley Pinkerton
  •  Bronson Picket 
  •  Chad Fahlman
  •  Chris Rios 
  •  Christoph Schünemann
  • Dilfuza Ibragimova
  •  Dominic Thang 
  •  Douglas Bong
  •  Enrique Vinoya
  •  Eszter Horvath-Voros
  •  Fred de Jong 
  •  Ivan Tjoa 
  •  Jacob Bailin 
  •  Jason Weilee 
  •  Johnny Lam
  •  Jordan Scott
  • ​Joseph Pekarski
  • ​Kahkshan Ali
  • ​Karl Roussel
  • Kaslyn Leow
  •  Kwok Hei Ching
  •  Lennart De Jong 
  •  Ling Tan
  •  Looi CC
  •  Mason Mahoney 
  •  Mazronizam Ayub 
  •  Nicolas Lum
  •  Nigel Henry 
  •  Patrick Gregoire
  • Prasant Khurana
  •  Rich Gee 
  •  Ron Ung
  •  Samuel Hong
  •  Shannon Tran
  •  Adam Nassor 
  • Allison Damm
  •  Blake Soulet
  •  Buckley Hubbard
  •  Chris Gambro 
  •  Danny Williamson
  • ​Darren Whitehead
  • ​Kevin Dam
  • ​Lisa Strickland
  • Logan Lapierre
  •  Martin Dressler 
  •  Olusoji Peter 
  •  Simona Boldrini 
  •  Tatiana Petrov
  •  Trey Pierce
  •  Adam Dang
  •  Ali Dootson 
  •  André Frank Planting 
  •  Andy Mikellides
  •  Aniz Kanji
  •  Arleen Fotiu 
  •  Armond Wright
  •  Bo Jiang
  • Brandon Garrett
  •  Brandon See 
  •  Bryan Xiong 
  •  Carl Ngan
  •  Cherry (Sanchari) Quader
  •  Christopher Zhu
  •  Danny Lin
  •  Sukhdev Sethi
  •  Grace Lee
  •  Emma Matthews 
  •  Xae Yang
  • Closer Of The Year 2021
All High Ticket Closer members are eligible for this award...

That means you as well.

This award is given to the High-Ticket Closer™ who showed the highest level of activity and leadership in the community.
There will be 5 finalists who will present to give one last show and gain votes.

What’s the prize for the Closer Of The Year?
$10,000.00 Dollars!
Sukhdev was the Closer Of The Year 2019.
  • 6-Figure, 7-Figure & 8-Figure Awards
This is exciting... 

This is the Hall Of Fame.
These are Closers who have earned over $100,000.00 USD and $1,000,000.00 USD as High-Ticket Closers™.

We will be crowning many 6-Figure award winners and we will also be...
Crowning 7-Figure Closers!
Remember, all these winners started from the same exact place as you

Once you see these Closers, you can’t help but feel motivated to take it to the next level!
Now, at this point, some of you might be thinking...
“Dan, do I need to be closing for an influencer or full-time to be at Closers In Black™? It seems like I might not be ready to attend Closers In Black™"
That’s a great question. And here’s the answer.

You don’t have to be “ready” or “successful” before attending Closers In Black™ but...
if you want to accelerate your success at a rapid pace… Closers In Black™ is a must for you.
If you are not closing full-time...
or don’t have your first influencer...
or aren’t receiving an award this year… that’s all the more reason to come. 
The transformational training...

Joining your fellow HTC Brothers and Sisters...

And the overall amazing experience you will have at Closers In Black™ will leave you with a whole new level of motivation and confidence.

where else will you have access to thousands of experienced High-Ticket Closers™?
These are your HTC Brothers and Sisters who have been through the same trials and tribulations as you. 

If you have anything you are stuck on, you can ask your Brothers and Sisters for help.

In fact...
There were many students who got introduced to their first influencer from HTC Brothers and Sisters they met at Closers In Black™ 2019.
So if you’re not where you want to be currently with High-Ticket Closing™… 

Closers In Black™ is the place you want to be at. 
You Get A Virtual Seat At Our Exclusive Round Table Night Where You’ll Get The Best Kept Secrets Of The Top Earning High-Ticket Closers
Did you know your income will likely be the average of the incomes of your five closest friends?

It’s hard to believe. But this is usually the case.
So if you want to be a top-earning High-Ticket Closer™ then wouldn’t it make sense for you to spend time with the best?
To help you build these relationships, at Closers In Black™, we’re having a virtual round table night. 

This is where you’ll get an opportunity to meet 10-15 top performing HTC brothers and sisters who are ready and willing to hold-nothing-back to help you out.

During these open table sessions, you will have your chance to ask questions and build relationships with the right people to guide you from where you are now to where you want to be.
How are we going to handle that virtually?
Simple... we’ll use Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms allow us to connect in small groups from all over the world. And thanks to video technology, you’ll still be able to build real relationships with your fellow attendees.
Most of Team Dan Lok is in different parts of the world. And we’ve used Zoom and Zoom Rooms to become super close.
In fact, when I meet someone for the first time that I got to know on Zoom, I often feel like I’m meeting a long, lost sibling.
So, don’t discount this privilege just because the event is virtual.
In fact, it’s even more important that you meet with other movers and shakers at CIB.

You’ll Get The Ultimate Luxury Experience And A Taste Of The Life You Can Have As A Successful High-Ticket Closer™
One of the best ways you can set yourself up for success...
Is to put yourself in environments where you’ll be inspired to grow; in environments full of wealth triggers where your mind gets reprogrammed on a deep, subconscious level.
And that’s what you’ll have at Closers In Black™...
Even though it's virtual, Closers In Black™ is a black-tie event designed to be like The Oscars for High-Ticket Closers™ (more details on the dress code further down on this page)
And even though the event is online...
You'll still feel like you're at the Oscars for High-Ticket Closing.
And then there's...
And that’s what you’ll have at Closers In Black™...
Even though it's virtual, Closers In Black™ is a black-tie event designed to be like The Oscars for High-Ticket Closers™ (more details on the dress code further down on this page)
And even though the event is online...
You'll still feel like you're at the Oscars for High-Ticket Closing.
And then there's...
You’ll Experience Unconditional Support, Reunite With Your HTC Family And Make Like-Minded Friends For Life
As you may already know...

The HTC program is different from any other program out there. 
A big reason for this is the high-standard of HTC Family Members we’ve brought together.
Now if the HTC Facebook group can be this empowering and inspiring, just imagine being in a room with all your HTC Brothers and Sisters.

Imagine spending a few days with like-minded, success oriented High-Ticket Closers™...

Who understand you...

Appreciate you...

Respect you...

Go through the same struggles as you...

Encourage you...

Inspire you...

Laugh with you...

And grow with you... 
These will be the relationships you have for years to come.
Now, to top it all off…
Instead Of Paying $10,000.00, The Price You Would Need To Pay To Attend My Other Private Events, You Can Be At the Virtual Closers In Black™ - For Only $997.00 Per Ticket 
In May 2021, I will be hosting a small private event... where it will be a $10,000.00 investment to attend. 

And for a larger event like Closers In Black™, you would typically need to pay $5,000.00.
But as a High-Ticket Closer™... your event fees for Closers In Black™ won’t even be a fraction of that...
Since my goal is to have as many High-Ticket Closers™ attend...
You’ll only need to invest in a $997.00 non-refundable ticket.
Since the event is virtual, there will be no other expenses.
This is because we have so many people coming, we want to make sure only people who show they are committed can save a virtual seat.

So this means all of other costs... 

Hotels, flights, meals...

It's no longer necessary.
But There Is One Catch
Just like with our live events, we are capping capacity at only 1,300 Closers
This means, after we reach a certain 1,300 attendees....

We will have to start turning people away… EVEN if you are in HTC.

So if you want to secure a spot, reserve it now rather than later.
Could One Event Transform The Direction Of Your Life Forever?
If you’ve read up to this point and you still have not reserved your virtual seat at Closers In Black™, it tells me a couple things.

One, you want to be at Closers In Black™ - or else you would be off the page already.

Two, there’s something holding you back from taking action. I’m not sure what it is.
Maybe you’re going to do it later...

Maybe you need to ask your boss for the time off... 

Maybe you don’t have a suit yet...

Maybe you've got to do this or do that before you come...
Whatever your reason, I’m going to ask you a simple question.

Is this your Higher Self or Lower Self talking?
Ask yourself and answer honestly, if your Higher Self was operating right now… would you be at Closers In Black™?
I can’t answer that for you. Only you can.

But here’s what I can tell you...

Most times, it’s the first step that is the most difficult and the rest comes easy... 

80% of success is just taking that first step and getting started.
And that’s the same case here. 

I mean, this year it's virtual. so it's even easier!

If you’re willing to take the first step and reserve a seat at Closers In Black™, you’re already 80% of the way there - your Higher Self will guide you through the rest.

But again, this is a decision only you can make.
Are you ready?
Yes, I’m Ready To Connect With Fellow HTC Members, And Witness The Closers Award Show! I Want To Be At Closers In Black™ 2021!
January 20th, 21st, and 22nd 2021: 3 Day Event
Mandatory Dress Code:
Business Formal (Strictly Enforced)

Yes, even though the event is virtual, This is strictly a black-tie event.

Gentlemen - Wear a black suit or black tuxedo. Black tie or black bow-tie. Black dress shoes. And a white dress shirt.

Ladies - Think of what you want to wear if you were stepping out of a limousine onto a red-carpet at a Hollywood movie premiere.
To Register:
Event Schedule
Wednesday, January 20th 2021
  • TBA
The event will start at on Wednesday, January 20th 2021. 

Time:  TBA

Starting right away on Day 1, you will receive private training from Sifu Dan. We will be playing high-level, business games. And much, much more!
Thursday, January 21st 2021
  • TBA
On Day 2, Sifu Dan will be giving you a long list of never-before-released advanced money-making strategies. We will be announcing the winners and prizes for the different awards. And much, much more!
Friday, January 22nd 2021
  • TBA
On Day 3, you’ll receive advanced training from Sifu Dan, Desmond, and High-Ticket Leaders on building relationships with influencers. Getting into social circles of the rich and the powerful. The step-by-step guide to becoming a multimillionaire in today’s day and age -- all starting with being a High-Ticket Closer™. And much, much more!
Closers In Black™ FAQ's
Is this LIVE event virtual or in person? 
A: It is done virtually, over Zoom. So you don’t have to worry about travel expenses or visa issues.

Just show up in formal dress, and get ready to level-up!
I don’t have my VISA situation figured out… what do you recommend?
A:  The event is virtual, so you won’t have to travel. No travel = no visa issues.
Do I need to put in the investment now? Can I do it later?
A: This sounds like a Lower Self trap.

It’s easy to think that we can do it later, but that’s why it’s so deceptive. Booking your virtual seat at Closers In Black™ is easy to do… and easy NOT to do.

But that’s why if something is important to you and can help change your life...

You block it out in your schedule FIRST and then let the less important things work themselves around it.

How you do anything is how you do everything. Don’t let inaction become a habit.
If I’m in HTC already, do I still need to put in my investment?
A: Yes you do. 

As a High-Ticket Closer™, it does not mean you automatically get a spot at Closers In Black™. This is because we have way more High-Ticket Closers™ than we have spots available at the event. Therefore, to save your spot, you must invest in a non-refundable ticket of $997 dollars.
I’ve never been outside of the country before, this would be my first time travelling to a new country. Do you still think it’s a good idea for me to come?
A: The event is virtual! No travel required.
When is the deadline to putting in my investment and saving my spot at Closers In Black™?
A: We already have a ton of High-Ticket Closers™ who want to come, and we only have a very limited number of seats available.

On top of the 1,000 High-Ticket Closers™ who will be returning from last year’s event. We will need to make room for all the new High Ticket Closers joining us this year..

So if you plan on being here, put in your investment soon because all seats are assigned based on a first-come-first-serve-basis. If you don’t save your spot now, there is no guarantee there’ll be room for you.

To be eligible for an award at Closers In Black, you MUST purchase your ticket by November 1st 2020 the absolute latest. Any tickets purchased after this date will not be eligible to win an award.

Closers In Black™ is going to sell-out any day now.

Before you submit your request, you have to agree to meet ALL of the following requirements:

1) You and your spouse must have gone through all of the Weeks of the High-Ticket Closer Certification Program™. So your spouse can watch the recordings of the classes with your account. They do NOT need to purchase HTC again.

However, you completing the program yourself does NOT qualify your spouse to come.

Your spouse MUST go through the program either:

a) All Weeks entirely with you. 


b) All Weeks  entirely on their own by watching the recordings which you have access to through Dan Lok University. Again, they do NOT need to purchase HTC again.

No exceptions.

We have this rule to ensure everyone at Closers In Black is on the same page. As you know, we do NOT tolerate people who operate in their lower self nor do we tolerate bad apples – even if it’s your partner.

If you bring your spouse and we find out they have not been through the High-Ticket Closer Certification Program, you will both be asked to leave Closers In Black™ immediately.
I’m booking my flight + hotel to come to Closers In Black™ right now. What do I need to know?
A: Closers In Black™ 2021 is VIRTUAL - no need to book travel.
If I put my investment in and I cannot make it to the event, do I still get the investment back?
A: No, the investment  is non-refundable. Once you’ve signed up, we will have a seat at the table with your name.
What happens if I can’t meet the dress code?
A: Do your absolute best to follow the dress code. We understand this may be extra work for you. But when you’re going to create so many lasting memories at Closers In Black™, it’ll be worth it to spend a few dollars to update your wardrobe.

It’s going to be a great feeling when you’re looking your best and so is everyone else.
Yes, I’m Ready To Attend Closers In Black™ And See Sifu Dan LIVE Along With All My HTC Brothers And Sisters!
Earnings And Legal Disclaimer:
Please understand that I’m not implying you’ll get results close to what I’ve been able to do (or do anything for that matter).

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and my results are not typical.

Most people who attend this event get the “how to” but never take action with the information. I’m only sharing what has worked for me and my students.

Your results are dependent on many factors… including but not limited to your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and do whatever it takes.

Entering any business is going to involve a level of risk as well as massive commitment and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT.
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